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Site Development and Civil Engineering

We have the technical expertise to deliver integrated Civil, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering projects.

Civil engineering and site permitting are critical for the success of development projects. Here at CATLIN, we are very familiar with the regulatory requirements for civil/site development and will work with you to develop a site layout that meets your specific functional, aesthetic, and environmental goals, and expedites construction.

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Planning – Studies / Reports

  • Property Due Diligence

  • Site Investigation Reports

  • Utility Extension Requests

  • Zoning Applications

  • Land Subdivision

  • Cost Estimating


Site Design


  • Site Grading and Drainage Design

  • Site Utility Design

  • Site Paving Design

  • Sidewalks/Parking/ADA

  • Stormwater Detention Ponds/BMPs

  • Erosion Control Design


Water and Wastewater Design


  • Water Distribution Systems

  • Wastewater Collection Systems

  • Utility Rehabilitation Projects

  • Well and Wellfield Design


Stormwater Management

  • Phase I & II NPDES Permit Support

  • Hydraulics and Hydrology

  • Stormwater Detention/Retention

  • Watershed Studies


Development Permitting


  • Site Development Permits

  • NCDEQ Permits – Stormwater, Erosion Control, Water, Sewer, Wetlands and Streams 401 Water Quality, CAMA, etc.

  • SCDHEC Permits - CZC, NPDES, Construction, Water, Wastewater, etc.

  • Department of Transportation – Driveway, Encroachment, Turn Lanes, etc.

  • US Army Corps of Engineers

  • Construction Document Permitting

  • Final Certifications


Construction Administration


  • Construction Observation

  • Bidding and Negotiations

  • Cost Estimating




  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)

  • Spill Prevention and Control Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans

  • Facility Response Plans (FRP)

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