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In 1985, CATLIN was one of the first firms to enter the environmental consulting industry after our Founder and President Rick Catlin was contacted time after time to discuss environmental concerns that people or companies had about their properties or business practices.

After seeing the environmental concerns at hand, he began investigating and developing solutions to “solve problems”. In Rick’s garage and in CATLIN’s first small office, evolved some of the first remediation systems developed by our firm to address soil and groundwater contamination.


The disciplines of environmental assessment and remediation have grown and evolved greatly since then but tried and true technologies and solutions continue to address environmental concerns all around us.

Our firm was established as Richard Catlin & Associates, Inc. in 1985. Rick began to add resources to help build the business. They began to develop assessment and remediation techniques and grow our client base. Over time, geotechnical and civil engineering services were added to assist our clients in a wide variety of engineering disciplines. In 1997 the name CATLIN Engineers and Scientists was adopted to highlight the multi-discipline services provided and range of technical personnel.


Today, CATLIN is one of the most respected firms in the industry.  CATLIN has provided clients with reliable, cost-effective and on-time solutions on a wide range of projects.


Our clients include private industries, local governments and municipalities, and State and Federal agencies. Since 1985 we have amassed a tremendous amount of experience in all aspects of environmental, civil and geotechnical engineering.


“It’s about focusing on our clients…understanding their vision for a project and helping them see it through from start to finish.” — Rick Catlin, Founder


It all started with a drive to create a better world.

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